Accommodation that’s more than home away from home…

Chances are that when you’re travelling the world for business or leisure that you’re really seeking a home away from home – luxury accommodation with all the amenities that still gives you all the flexibility you need to keep to your routines and appointments, without being forced into someone else’s schedule.

You’re also looking for consistency and certainty, and while global shared accommodation platforms do offer options ranging from the bare minimum in a stranger’s spare room to a French chateau, the ideal is somewhere between a home and a hotel.

Hometel, you say? Yes – such a concept exists, and it’s changing the way that luxury travelers see the world, enjoying home comforts and regular habits while connecting with local culture.

Typically, hometels include a spacious multipurpose living area, with a kitchen, dining area, and lounge, along with a working space complete with free WiFi, and all the other amenities that a business or high-end leisure traveler would find at home.

High end hometels, like The Levee, in Tel Aviv, are the ultimate in luxury, with a 24/7 concierge service, around the clock guest relations via WhatsApp, designer furniture, and services that a shared homestay could never come close to offering. With only eight suites on offer, this exclusive property combines innovative design, inspiring architecture, and intuitive and excellent service.

Room2 offerings in the United Kingdom are likely to be more cost effective, but no less appealing to travellers wanting a more flexible approach to travel, that still allows them to enjoy home comforts and maintain regular routines like exercise.

Already open in Southampton, the Manchester Room2 is set to open during 2020 – if you’re planning on watching your favourite team win at Old Trafford…

In South Africa, The Capital Hotels and Apartments offers the best of both worlds – its apartments feature a fully equipped kitchen and living space, with the option to add up to four bedrooms to each apartment, each equipped with its own TV, for maximum family peace and quiet. Add in hotel-level service and great locations in South Africa’s leading centres, and you’ve got a great option for local and international travellers.

A hometel is so much more than a hotel or a home share – despite the standards that global hotel groups or international sharing platforms may insist on. Hometels are about the familiarity of a home, with the service of a high-end hotel, and the familiarity of all that you love about your city of origin.