Extraordinary Escapism

The tightrope of balancing desire

In a world buffeted by relentless change, from the pandemic’s upheaval to the dizzying pace of technology, the collective yearning for escapism has intensified. This desire transcends mere relaxation; it’s a profound need to reconnect with ourselves, our partners, and our children, and to rekindle the family bond. It’s a quest to refill our souls, to rediscover the joys overshadowed by life’s tumult.

Nestled in this global tapestry of change is Mauritius’s LUX* Belle Mare, a microcosm of rebirth and resilience. This resort, reborn from the ashes of a tragic fire, mirrors our own collective emergence from the pandemic’s shadows. It’s a story of renewal, reflecting the indomitable human spirit’s ability to adapt, evolve, and thrive.

The transformation of LUX* Belle Mare is a masterclass in luxury redesign. Jean-Francois Adam, the acclaimed Mauritian architect, alongside designer Jean-Marc Tang, has elevated the resort to a paradigm of contemporary luxury. The resort’s 174 suites and 12 unique villas embody sleek modernity and spacious luxury, embracing the island’s heritage and family-friendly ethos. The design exudes a sense of grandeur, maximising natural light and championing indoor-outdoor living. Intricate touches by Tang are evident throughout, from the Riyad-style lobby adorned with hand-glazed tiles to the rose-hued Aperitivo Bar and the red ribbon-laden ceiling at Duck Laundry.

Shadows at play
Shadows at play

Culinary Creations at LUX* Belle Mare are a gastronomic odyssey. The resort’s five exclusive restaurants offer a plethora of cuisines. For parents, you’ll find catering for a range of ages; there’s variety. The all-day-dining venue MONDO is a diverse smorgasbord of international cuisines and live cooking stations, alongside a smart and creative kids section with popcorn, and simpler choices for even the fussiest of eaters. I can vouch for that. For an Instagram moment, there is Royce Street’s vintage Rolls Royce, adding a touch of luxury street food theatre to Southeast Asian cuisine and there’s the Ibiza-style Beach Rouge that spills out onto the white sandy beach, giving parents space and sight of their little ones.

This restaurant keeps you coming back for more, with its fresh Mediterranean fare, and laid-back dining against unobstructed ocean panoramic. Amari by Vineet, helmed by the first Indian Michelin-starred Chef Vineet Bhatia, is a modern interpretation of India’s culinary richness and having interviewed the chef myself, the food matches the sublime sophistication of the creator and his wife, and their wonderful life story – their honesty is experienced in every moment of the dining experience. Duck Laundry offers an array of modern Chinese dishes, including specialities like Peking duck and dim sum…For those who like to begin and end their day with a genuine treat, Maison LUX* and The Mixologist Lounge Bar offer premium coffee and inventive cocktails.

LUX* Belle Mare Kids Food
Waffles Pancakes Toppings And repeat

The resort’s approach to wellness, LUX* ME Wellbeing and LUX* ME Spa, is founded on the five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space. Parents will fall in love with the tailored wellness journeys that combine mindfulness activities, spa treatments, and physical movement, offering bespoke experiences for rejuvenation. The fitness centre, equipped with cutting-edge facilities, and the Niyama Garden, where guests can indulge in sunrise yoga, underscore LUX* Belle Mare’s commitment to holistic well-being.

LUX* Belle Mare Kids Wellness
LUX Belle Mare Kids Play and Wellness

As any parent knows well, each age group sees evolving preferences when it comes to activity and entertainment, and if you fail in this area, neither the parents nor the children truly find their peace on holiday. I cannot emphasise enough how getting this formula right matters. Intelligently, The PLAY kids’ club caters to children’s creativity and curiosity with a wonderful schedule that reaches far into the evening, while Studio 17 is a haven for teens with its pool table, latest gaming consoles and outdoor activities, situated right next to the tennis courts.

LUX* Belle Mare Kids
LUX Belle Mare Kids

Of course, a little education goes a long way when families travel, inhaling culture and values, experiencing different perspectives and considering the approaches to current challenges. Sustainability is at the heart of the resort’s ethos, with its farm next door, used by the kitchens and the mixologist to garnish the cocktails. From partnerships with NGOs for marine life conservation to its proprietary supply of fresh vegetables, LUX* Belle Mare is ever-deepening its commitment to responsible luxury. Its initiatives in energy and water efficiency, waste reduction, and sustainable in-room amenities showcase genuine environmental stewardship.

LUX* Belle Mare Sustainability
LUX Belle Mare Sustainability

I carefully watched families during my stay. I witnessed a hideaway where the desires of individuals, couples, and families are not just met but celebrated. Of course, even in paradise, not everything can be perfect; we are human, and the world has taught us all about ups and downs, and the realities of life. However, when a brand has taken the time to listen and attune to everyone’s desires, it can offer something for almost anyone to rekindle that peace we crave. As a parent, I can own up to the fact that family holidays can test a tired soul in the first few days when each personality acclimatises. Still, LUX* Resorts have done their homework and know exactly how to cater for diverse needs and bring each individual, and the unit as a whole, back to harmony. My family keep asking when can we go back.

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