An Unparalleled, Authentic Deep Field Antarctic Experience Awaits

Ultima Antarctic Expeditions proudly announces the opening of Ultima Oasis Camp in November 2024. Nestled in the heart of the Antarctic wilderness, Ultima Oasis Camp is operated under the esteemed management of Ultima Antarctic Expeditions, who have over 20 years’ experience in Antarctic logistics and expeditions.

Expeditioners can fly to Antarctica in just 5.5 hours from Cape Town, South Africa, combining two of the most desirable destinations on Earth – whilst making use of a profound time-saving advantage over ship-based visits.

Now, with the inauguration of Oasis, meticulously designed programmes, operating with the lightest touch, offer guests the rare opportunity to explore the remotest place on Earth – the Deep Field of Antarctica.

Ultima Expeditions

A range of expeditions is on offer, including a 7-day South Pole and Emperor Penguins Expedition, a 7-day Emperor Penguins Expedition as well as the 24-hour Ultima Day. Tailormade expeditions and experiences can be designed for small groups looking for the ultimate Antarctic adventure. Your authentic adventure starts at Cape Town International Airport – sharing the comfortable flight with expeditioners and Antarctic experts from all over the world – before changing into the polar gear provided by Ultima and touching down on a blue ice runway.

“We are creating a corps of Antarctic advocates and ambassadors among our visitors, whilst practically assisting and cross-financing the precious practice of science” said Riaan Aucamp, CEO of Ultima Antarctic Expeditions and Ultima Antarctic Logistics.

With a short season that starts in November and runs until February, only a limited number of expeditioners can undertake this journey of a lifetime. Departing from Cape Town, the expeditions are fully inclusive of flights, accommodation, meals, excursions in Antarctica and highly qualified guides.

About Oasis

Oasis epitomises Ultima’s commitment to providing unparalleled experiences in one of the most inaccessible places on Earth. Situated in the Schirmacher Oasis, Oasis offers two plush Scandi-style designed accommodation units for at least 14 guests, a beautiful dining facility with scenic views, and a traditional Banya (= sauna), ensuring utmost comfort amidst the Antarctic wilderness.

Each accommodation unit at Oasis can be customised to suit guests’ preferences, whether travelling solo, as a couple, or with family. With shared shower and bathroom facilities, guests can enjoy warmth and convenience during their stay, without compromising on comfort. Moreover, the plush lounge areas boast spectacular views of the Oasis ice lake, providing the perfect setting to unwind and marvel at the Antarctic landscape.

Activities at Oasis

Oasis is surrounded by fresh-water lakes and waterfalls during the peak summer months of December and January, offering a range of guided activities. An easy 10 minute hike takes you to the edge of the ever-moving ice sheet, stretching out north towards the distant Antarctic ocean.

Wildlife enthusiasts will delight in potential sightings of Antarctic Skuas, Wilson’s Storm Petrels, and Snow Petrels at Oasis. With the possibility of Adelie penguins wandering through the camp and Emperor Penguin colonies a short flight away, guests can witness the wonders of Antarctic wildlife up close and personal.

Ultima Antarctic Expeditions is proud to uphold and honour the prescripts of the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators (IAATO). Ultima’s staff and partners revere Antarctica and are fiercely committed to protect its pristine biodiversity in accordance with the Antarctic Treaty, the Protocol for the Protection of the Antarctic Environment and related agreements.

“At Ultima Antarctic Expeditions, we are thrilled to introduce Oasis as the epitome of luxury and adventure in Antarctica. Guests will have the unprecedented opportunity to explore the Antarctic wilderness while enjoying unparalleled comfort and hospitality. We look forward to welcoming guests to this extraordinary destination and creating memories that will last a lifetime,” said Riaan Aucamp.

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  • The ultimate Antarctic adventure:                                                                                                           
  • 7-day South Pole and Emperor Penguin Expedition: $75,000 per person all inclusive
  • 7-day Emperor Penguin Expedition: $32,000 per person all inclusive
  • 24-hour Ultima Day: $16,000 per person all inclusive
  • Tailormade expeditions and experiences are available on request

*Terms and conditions apply.

About Ultima Antarctic Expeditions:

Ultima Antarctic Expeditions is a leading provider of Antarctic adventures, offering unparalleled experiences in one of the most pristine and inaccessible environments on Earth. With over 20 years of experience, Ultima Antarctic Expeditions is committed to providing exceptional hospitality and adventure in the Antarctic wilderness.

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