LUX* Belle Mare: Nou Toutou* Project

For the past four years, LUX* Bella Mare has partnered with NGOs who campaign for the welfare of pets on the East Coast.

The resort, in conjunction with Human Service International, has organized several activities such as sterilizing pets to educating the local community on the importance of taking care of domestic animals. 

They have also helped guests from several countries and team members adopt stray dogs. They’ve even secured homes for 14 dogs and puppies in Austria, Germany, USA, France, Holland, and of course in Mauritius. In total, they have sterilized 72 dogs and 10 cats. 

According to Mrs Carla Prayag, the President of Human Service International, “LUX* Belle Mare has shown great interest and compassion in finding sustainable and humane solutions to stray dog issues on the island. Their support for Humane Society International and the Nou Toutou project in Mauritius has been truly appreciated. With the combination of experience between the NGO and the corporates, we can make huge strides and have an impactful change towards a better society. Their ethical responsibility is clear and we are proud to partner with the LUX* team to make the lives of dogs and communities better.” 

The partnership between Nou Toutou* Organisation and  LUX* Belle Mare is crucial as the results directly impact the hotel and the experiences of their guests as well as fits into the hotel’s core vision for a sustainable Mauritius and in line with the environmental and ethical objectives of the company.

The above actions could be merged with the actions of the hotel, including the wonderful sterilization and adoption (and support) program done with the local staff and the pro-active actions of the hotel in cases where animals in need are found. 

Participatory engagement with the community is crucial in ensuring sustainable change. Most roaming dogs in Mauritius are owned and it is important to include owners in dialogue for there to be a long-term change.

HSI is committed to our Community Engagement component whereby they have a dedicated team that engages with the community, encourages issues to be brought to the forefront and where solutions are found together. Sterilization services are provided which is a big component, but also behavior change through owners new knowledge on their responsibilities as owners. Through their program, they have seen an increase in private vet care (taking dogs for vaccinations and treatments) and a decrease in abandonment (less puppies born mean less abandonment/less skin problems means less abandonment).

For Ashish Modak, the resort’s General Manager  LUX* Belle Mare has for the last five years been actively working with various NGO’s towards providing a better life for strays seen in the areas around the resort and the community we live in. We have helped sterilize several dogs and cats and also have successfully helped in adoption of over 50 strays in to pets both in Mauritius and abroad. Over 23 dogs and cats today are pets in various countries in Europe, a result of a committed and passionate approach of many of us in the team. Anwar Roojee, our Security Manager at LUX* Belle Mare has been the driving force in this project at the resort and we are now moving forward with an information and education campaign on this initiative with the school children in the east coast of Mauritius

*Nou Toutou , is an affectionate word in Mauritius which means in English Our Puppies.

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