Kwaai Rock, Hermanus: Ebb and Flow

Kwaai Rock in Hermanus is a new property on the block, opening its doors in April 2023. Far more than a renovation, the owners transformed a cliffside bungalow into a thoughtful ocean-inspired double-story masterpiece.

Kwaai Rock’s intelligence is best demonstrated by its vast open doors and interconnected flow, with each corner of the home taking you on a sensory adventure.


The winding cliff path that traces the coves and promontories is one of the seaside town’s celebrated highlights. The property is just a few meters set back, and its lofted deck is high enough to maintain privacy unless you’re the social sort who approaches the fence and enjoys a chat.

The homeowners are long-time Hermanus loyalists, waiting for just the right spot close to the sea. The modern renovation offers five en-suite bedrooms and delivers views (both sides), but its secret success is its flow. In some parts of the day, you spill out from the kitchen lounge onto the courtyard by the pool, while in other parts, you migrate to the majesty of nature’s ever-moving body of water.


The ocean, propelled by its surging groundswell, is a sight to behold. A constant ebb and flow of undulating pulses crash into the cliffs that edge the coast, before humbly retreating and powering up once more. From the first-floor bedrooms, this uninterrupted natural energy is all you see and hear when you open the balcony doors. Such expanse and power are among the great privileges of Kwaai Rock’s location. The property benefits from being in the narrowest slither between the Main Road and the sea, and while you can hear cars occasionally, it’s just not your focus.


Deliberate is the first word that comes to mind when it comes to the integration of textures and materials throughout the home. There is a naturally warm palette of oak joinery, hardwood floors, and plump cream linen sofas, and the surfaces feel almost harmoniously smooth. The waffle towels from Mungo, the softest bed linen and mattress combination and fireplaces in the two living rooms, bar, and main bedroom promote pure comfort. Smart choices for winter and easy, airy lounging for summer.


This house demands a different interpretation of taste because the luxury homeware and accessories are almost beyond a rental’s job title, even for a perfect hideaway. The architecture, stone-clad walls, and portholes shape the impressive personality of the home, while inside lies the warm heart. A comfortable bed is not always a given, and all who placed their heads on a pillow commented on just how ridiculously cosy and comfortable it was. You can expect kitchenware from Le Creuset and glasses from Country Road. There are fridges, an air fryer, an ice machine, and most mod cons you can imagine. Two pools front and back, a bunk room, a pool table, and surfboards in the garage add to the appeal. The renovation seems like the offspring of holidaying in Hermanus for three decades. The owners knew exactly what they wanted at Kwaai Rock.


Inhaling the open ocean is what draws most of us to the coast, something inherently wholesome to fill our lungs as our gaze settles on a force so grand that we pause until the sun’s final flickers tip over the horizon. The only other scent that attempts to compete is the Africology handwash and lotions generously provided throughout the house. Such is the ubiquity and generosity, it’s hard not to associate the scent with the home.

Immersing yourself into a Perfect Hideaway is ultimately a transformation. At the intersection of location, property, luxury, and amenities lies deep experience, and a meaningful retreat etches glowing memories into the long term, while possessing the superpower to leave you restored in the short term. No wonder we spend our savings on travel.

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